Thursday, June 9, 2016

radio show

i think i am coming down with some kind of chemtrail flu, its like i was poisoned by some unidentified flying someone something out there somewhere, where are they flying out from?  where are they flying in from, these strange shapes in the sky these sinister streaks saying fu, man, i guess they want us all dead and  i want to know what happens when we die, i want to know what happens when we fly to the moon once a month ovaries kicking in, time to fly girl, time to get high away awhile, time for silence, golden silent, quiet nights to go deep, loud sounds coming through anyway, anyway we look at it we are always free to breathe, hopefully though   most go through toxic pollution sick air from industries foul ways and failure to clean up his act , its time to act now everyone,  lgbt def most of all we've got wake up all of us and get it together for the planet, actors act now and everyone else better get their act together too, for the birds, for the cats and trees, for the grass for the waters for the oxygen we need to breathe free lets remind ourselves what its like to have everything and have nothing but the present moment, lets sit down and remind everyone how good we have it when we can wake up and say i love you to an animal of any kind, even a human who cant seem to get it together on this planet yet, after all these years and here we still are, here we still are struggling with land and water, rights!  still at the basics still at the beginners mind level, oh humans, when will it happen for us?  when do we turn that corner and rise up and say!   this land isnt  your land, this isnt my land , it wasnt made for you and me,  its made for the stars to shine brightly and the birds to sing freely and the cats to meow mix without fear of hunting extinction, dumb humans invading, dumb humans vaccinatining for death threat, pricks to stick poisons to control the populations to control the female reproductions as usual as usual muscling through mother earth like an unwanted alien, when will gaia just toss the invasive species known as humans?   think of how much better off  everyone would be:  the trees and waterways would be, the birds would sing louder, happier, the grasses could grow into trees who would give oxygen to the whole planet possibly making it even better here without us.  
but, in the meantime, while we're still stuck here in these material containers knowns as bodies, if we're here, we must still have work to do.  we must still need to learn how to get it all together  and still just breathe free, be silent and still and flexible like the trees and may all beings be happy and free!   

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