Friday, August 14, 2015

no frickin frackin!

C.C. White, great soulful kirtan singer and shining beauty in washington dc with ava bird at snatam kaur's sacred chant tour!
what a fantastic evening!

see bird's review of the concert and tour on yogitimes here:

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


happy sunshine season, hope your summer is fantastic and you are living in the sunshiny light! 

can we can the heat so we can use it in the darker colder times?

i think we can!

i do it!

happy birthday, pussies!

and happy birthday to all the lions out there!    love to the leo's!    and to the goddess durga!   i tap into her and the lion alot.   they've helped me out of alot of jams!
for the love of the lions, all the great fierce pussies out there, all the cats, all the wild cougars and leopards, the panthers and tigers, may you be continually blessed with purrrrful lives, leo luck and grand beauty, may the longtime sun shine upon you!

communication break up

in the now....